Web Apps

What are Web Apps (applications), and why do you need them?

You are using a Web App right now. It’s the software running on a server that presents this website for you to browse. Web Apps can do lots of different things. This one (called WordPress) presents you with a typical website. WordPress is a very general purpose tool with lots of add-ons (called plug-ins) that can extend their basic functionality. Another similar tool is Joomla. If you’d like to see a Joomla website try Staffordshire Moorlands Athletics Club’s site.

If you had to develop a website as complex as the example above ‘by hand’ rather than using a Web App such as Joomla or WordPress, it would take a long time, be expensive, unmaintainable and error prone. Web Apps can lead to a reduction in flexibility, but most are so customisable that you can’t tell which (or whether) one is being used for your site unless you are an expert.

Other Web Apps are more specialised. They can be used to provide collaboration tools for organisations or on-line genealogy databases. For an example of the latter, try The Sticks’ Genealogy Website. There are many, many different kinds of Web App available. You might like to add a Forum to your website, for example.

You can pay many thousands of Pounds for some of these tools, yet others are free. All the examples described above are free.

Moorlands Hosting can help you select a suitable Web App for your needs, configure and host it; all without an extra charge for a basic configuration. You just pay for the Domain and the Hosting.

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