Mobile Websites

Mobile websitesMore and more people today are using mobile devices such as phones and tablets to surf the web. A ‘mobile website’ is one which will allow such devices to easily view and navigate it.

If the website is not designed with mobile in mind, then it can be an unrewarding experience for the viewer and an unprofitable one for the website owner.

In fact, Google is now penalising websites that are not mobile friendly. This means that your site will rank below other similar sites that are mobile friendly. See Google’s take on the world of mobile.

Mobile websitesIf you view a typical website on a mobile device, you might find that navigation is difficult, the text becomes unreadable, and large graphic images make moving around the site hard.

Here at Moorlands Hosting, we have a set of tools at our disposal that can help with this. We use WordPress for this website and a ‘plugin’ detects visitors using a mobile device and reformats the site appropriately.

Alternatively, you can use a mobile-friendly Template for Joomla or WordPress.

Some hosting companies charge more for developing and hosting mobile websites. Why? We don’t.

Mobile friendly websites are particularly necessary for when people need to get in touch with you when they are ‘on the go’ or are forced to use a mobile device.

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