Working With Us

Working with usIt’s all about the Customer (and the technology).

Here at Moorlands Hosting we like using and developing Internet based solutions to people’s problems. We like getting paid to do this, and the best way that we’ve found to do it so far, is to keep our customers happy.

Most of our customers don’t want to get involved in the intricacies of the technology they need, in order to develop and host a website for their business or organisation. But we do! In fact we really like doing it. And we’re quite good at it too.

Working with usWhen a prospective customer comes to us with a requirement for a website, there’s a ton of stuff that they might not have thought about or realised also need to be done. Having been through the loop a few times, we have the experience to help them through the whole thing, whilst trying to make it as painless as possible. We handle the Domain Name registration or transfer, the Hosting of the actual website and all the fiddly bits of co-ordination that need to be done. We can set up spam filtered email so that it gets delivered to any existing email account.

We’re not the flashiest organisation on the web, but we do deliver solid solutions, and if you need value, reliability and a long term view, then Moorlands Hosting could be for you.

Working with usAs we said at the top, it’s all about giving the Customer what they need and want.

Contact us at and we’ll prove it.

We guarantee that you’ll be happy with our work!

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